Dust-Aid Platinum Light Wand

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Dust-Aid Platinum Light Wand takes dry sensor cleaning to a whole new level.

We’ve taken our most popular dry sensor cleaner, the Dust-Aid Platinum, and added an LED light within the handle so now the whole internal camera chamber can be lit up. Imagine no more dark chambers trying to see what you’re sensor cleaning! Just press the button on top of the handle and presto, instant light that travels down the stem of the Light Wand, providing illumination while sensor cleaning. Clean with confidence with our new LED lit dry sensor cleaner. Now you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re cleaning within your DSLR or Mirrorless camera chamber.

The black dry cleaning surface is the same size as the Dust-Aid Platinum and it’s recommended to use it on sensor filters larger than 12mm x 18mm.

Items included with the Dust-Aid Platinum Light Wand are:

  • 1 LED Light Handle
  • 1 Dust-Aid Platinum cleaning surface on a clear Light Wand
  • 2 Dust-Aid Cleaning strips
  • 1 User Manual
  • (AAA Batteries are not included.)

Safely clean DSLR and Mirrorless camera sensor coatings.

The specially engineered sensor cleaning surface used on the Dust-Aid Platinum Light Wand makes it perfectly safe to clean any sensor filter coating. Just press and lift in each corner of the sensor and you’re done sensor cleaning! It’s the perfect dry sensor cleaning kit for removing static dust and corner dust bunnies.

1. Safely clean uncoated sensor filters.
We’ve tested the Platinum cleaning surface on uncoated sensor filters with no affect to the sensor filter.

2. Safely clean ITO, Dichroic, and weak bonded coatings.
We’ve tested the Platinum cleaning surface on ITO, dichroic and weak bonded coatings on sensor filters with no affect to the sensor filter coatings.

3. Safely clean I.D.R.S.* sensor filters.
We’ve tested the Platinum cleaning surface on multiple IDRS sensor filters with no effect to the internal dust removal system housing or sensor filter alignment.
*Internal Dust Removal System

4. Safely clean mirrorless camera sensor filters.
We’ve tested the Platinum cleaning surface on mirrorless camera sensor filters with no effect.

About Dust-Aid’s LED Lit Dry Sensor Cleaner:

One of the biggest features with the new Dust-Aid Platinum Light Wand is its ability to have the sensor cleaning surface endlessly cleaned of accumulated dust and fibers. This means that you could have a lifetime of use out of it. Dust-Aid Platinum Light Wand comes with 6 cleaning strip applications and with the purchase of additional cleaning strips, the life span of the Platinum could be extended indefinitely. The cleaning strip adhesive used to clean the Platinum cleaning surface has been developed and tested to not transfer any of the adhesive to the Dust-Aid Platinum cleaning surface.

The Dust-Aid Platinum Light Wand cleaning surface has a micro texture that helps to stop the formation of a vacuum seal when it’s used for sensor cleaning. When the cleaning surface is depressed onto the sensor, the micro texture flattens out and adheres to any dust or fibers. Then, when the pressure is released, the micro-texture flex’s back into place, removing any possibility of a vacuum seal. This helps to reduce the adhesion strength and impact of the cleaning surface when sensor cleaning. This feature makes it possible to clean any delicate sensor filter coating.

Cleaning finger and camera oil from the Platinum sensor cleaning surface:

If you accidentally get finger oil or camera oil on the Platinum sensor cleaning surface then it’s very easy to remove. Simply clean it with our dust cloth and ultra clean liquid and then use the cleaning strips to remove any fibers from the Platinum cleaning surface. You can test the Platinum cleaning surface before use by first cleaning a piece of clean dark glass, like an ND filter, to see if you removed all of the oil. Repeat as needed. It’s advised to test the Platinum sensor cleaning surface on a piece of clean, dark glass before use due to possible accidental skin contact, which can contaminate the cleaning surface.

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