Dust Aid Platinum Kit camera sensor cleaning

Dust Aid Platinum Kit

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Dust-Aid™ Platinum takes dry sensor cleaning to a whole new level.

Dust Aid have taken dry sensor filter cleaning to a whole new level with the Platinum DSLR Cleaner. It's now possible to clean any sensor filter no matter its coating or internal dust removal system (IDRS) filter housing. And to top it off, it can clean its own platinum cured cleaning silicone with specially made cleaning strips, extending its cleaning life span.

Safely cleans all sensor filters
The specially engineered cleaning silicone used in the new Platinum DSLR Cleaner makes it perfectly safe to use on any sensor filter. No more dragging dry brushes and their accumulated dust across the sensor filter, which could lead to scratching. Now, just press and lift a couple of times and your done!

1. Safely cleans uncoated sensor filters
We've tested the Platinum on uncoated sensor filters with no effect to the sensor filter.

2. Safely cleans ITO and Dichroic sensor filters
We've tested the Platinum on ITO, Dichroic and weak coated sensor filters with no effect to the sensor filter coatings.

3. Safely cleans I.D.R.S.* sensor filters. 
We've tested the Platinum on multiple IDRS sensor filters with no effect to the internal dust removal system housing or sensor filter alignment.
*Internal Dust Removal System

About Dust-Aid Platinum
One of the biggest features with the new Platinum cleaner is its ability to have the cleaning silicone repeatedly cleaned free of accumulated dust and fibers. This means that you could have a lifetime of use out of the Platinum cleaner. The Platinum cleaner comes with 6 silicone cleaning applications and with the purchase of additional cleaning strips the life span of the Platinum could be extended indefinitely. The cleaning adhesive used to clean the Platinum silicone has been developed and tested not to transfer any of the adhesive to the silicone.

The Platinum DSLR Cleaner is made from a specially manufactured platinum cured silicone that does not use any molds or mold release agents in its creation. This eliminates the chance of mold release agents permanently bonding and contaminating the silicone when it's molded. The use of this specially engineered silicone is patent pending.

The Platinum silicone also has a patent pending micro-texture on the cleaning surface which helps to stop the formation of a vacuum seal when it's applied to a cleaning surface. When the silicone is depressed on a surface the micro-texture flattens out and adheres to any dust or fibers. Then, when the pressure is released the micro texture flex's back into place and allows air in, breaking the vacuum seal. This helps to reduce the adhesion strength and impact of the cleaning.

We have eliminated every possible contamination to the cleaning silicone but there is a built in factor that no rubber or polyethylene cleaner has control over, internal oils. These blends of cohesive materials use oils that make them soft and allow them to pick up dust and fibers. We have designed the cleaning silicone not to transfer these oils to a surface when applied in a straight, up-down manor. If you where to drag the silicone on its side or twist the silicone it could leave residue. This residue can be easily removed with the Dust-Wand Kit™. But, if you follow the directions and lift the cleaner straight up and down then you will have no problem.

Cleaning finger and camera oil from silicone
If you happen to get finger or camera oil on the Platinum silicone then it's very easy to remove. Simply clean the silicone with the Dust-Cloth and Ultra Clean liquid and then use the Cleaning Strips to remove any fibers. Test the Platinum silicone before use on a piece of clean glass, like a common UV Haze filter, to see if you removed all of the oil. Repeat as needed. It's advised to test the Platinum silicone on a piece of clean glass before use due to possible accidental skin contact which can contaminate the cleaning surface of the silicone.

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