Epson Hot Press Natural Paper

Epson Hot Press Natural Paper

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For fine art photographers looking for a matte medium that can deliver a wide color gamut with a natural color, Epson has developed Hot Press Natural Paper. Made from 100% cotton rag and using a hot press production technique, this paper features a smooth matte finish. The heavy weight of 330 gsm, thickness of 17 mil, and opacity of 98% further give this paper the look and feel of a true fine art paper. Also, by forgoing the use of optical brightening agents, this media will offer a warmer, more natural coloration that is less prone to degradation over time. Designed for longevity, Hot Press Natural is free of acid, lignin, and chlorine and is pH buffered.


Product Features:

  • 330gsm Matte Smooth Finish
  • 100% Cotton Rag with a acid free base
  • No Optical Brightening Agents (OBA's)
  • PH Buffered to avoid paper degradation
  • Hot press paper that is coated on both sides for extra versatility

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